Two days before Easter Samantha Flynn heard a knock at the door. She opened the door, with three kids in tow, and saw a small Easter basket on the porch with a note. The note said, “Happy Easter! We hid 12 eggs in your yard. One is empty to represent Jesus’ empty tomb.”

Her two older boys immediately ran out into the yard to find the eggs, while Samantha, still holding her newborn, followed with tears in her eyes. The boys vigorously searched and found every egg within 30 seconds. As they were finishing their search, they both froze in place as they saw the giant Easter Bunny approaching. These Family Church neighbors not only took the time to hide eggs in the Flynn’s yard, but they also had the Easter Bunny with them. The boys were ecstatic.

But it wasn’t just the Flynn’s house they were visiting. They were going throughout the neighborhood doing the same thing at other houses with children. The Johnson/Combs family had decided they were going to “Be the church” and did something thoughtful for their neighbors, while reminding them that Easter is about Jesus.

As a Family Church pastor, Mike Flynn says, “We are always looking for ways to bless people during hard times. I’m not sure if this family understands how much they blessed us and brought joy to our Easter. We will never forget our quarantined Easter and how special it was because someone cared!”