An expert and gifted seamstress, and Family Church member for years, Mary Ann Vermillion has often used her sewing skills for the Lord while serving with VBS, Adult and Kids choir programs, and countless church events, as well as for church members.  So when Pam Shuler, a friend she serves with in Worship Arts, approached Mary Ann with a need, she knew she wanted to help. Pam’s husband, Paul, an orthopedic surgeon, needed masks for his medical staff at Provident Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center, in Ocoee.

“After watching the CDC guidelines video, I said, ‘sure’.” Mary Ann and daughter, Kate, got to work. Using cotton fabric and elastic they already had, they made masks for Dr. Shuler’s practice, as well as another medical practice that had come to their attention. Pam says receiving the masks was such a blessing to Dr. Shuler and his entire medical staff.

Since that first “sure” there have been many more, as the Mary Ann and Kate began thinking of others they knew who might need a mask: friends who were still going to work or that had sick family members, Family Church members, and eventually medical workers in a New York hospital.

Mary Ann and Kate have donated their masks to JoAnn Fabric, who is working with area hospitals to supply masks. And Kate is now making youth masks for girls and boys using fun fabrics she purchased, while Mary Ann has branched out and recently helped a friend make scrub hats for her nursing staff.

It just takes a “sure” to make a difference.